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Pro Clean Services is Professional Roof Cleaning, Home Exterior Cleaning, All Flatwork Cleaning Company Providing Services to Roof Cleaning Orlando And All Of Central Florida.

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Tile Roof Cleaning

Pro Clean Services provides residential tile roof cleaning services that outperform the rest! Our soft wash roof cleaning process is like no other, and our preferred method on tile roof cleaning services!


 Pro Clean Services provides “Full Home Details” , the best of all professional residential Roof Cleaning Services combined with exterior residential cleaning, all flatwork, pool enclosure, all driveway-walkways, sidewalk, Everything!

Screen Enclosure /Lanai

Pro Clean Services will properly clean your entire pool screen enclosure to include all decking, all bracketing, all structure detailed methods that only provides that perfect fresh feel!

Surface Cleaning


All flat work consists of Driveways, Walkways, Sidewalks, Curbs, Pool Decks and Brick Pavers. Pro Clean Services process is to use medium to high pressure with the integration of heat for only the best possible results.

Shingle Roof Cleaning

Using chlorine on surfaces such as your shingle roof must be done with extreme care, if you saturate any part of an asphalt roof shingle, you will ruin the shingle. Pro Clean Services is “All Pro” here on this one!


Pro Clean Services delivers on all professional Roof Cleaning Services (HOT WATER) Commercial pressure Washing project , we are equipped for big or small areas, any project, any size!


Roof Cleaning Orlando

Roof Cleaning Orlando, Pressure washing  Orlando is PRO CLEAN SERVICES that  consistently continues to only provide professional roof cleaning services to all of Orlando and all Central Florida! Your home is our home! This is absolute that holds Pro Clean Services on top for all roof cleaning Orlando services that we provide to our clients. Our philosophy is simple, treat our clients homes as if they were our own! This action is key to running any successful business and works the same in everyday life, so why not! We say what we mean, and mean what we say! That is exactly what we do here at Pro Clean Services! So in combination with a stellar track record by providing exactly what we would only want in return for our hard earned monies! Only perfection! *Did we mention that we bring 750 gallons of water with us on all roof clean details! Did we also mention that in addition to bringing our own water, that we also heat that water & chemical mixture. In combination with bringing our water, heating our water & chemical mixIt’s our guarantee that  Pro Clean Services  only provides for the best looking & most lasting roof cleaning service details in all of Orlando & Central Florida & Beyond! 

Tile and Shingle Roof Cleaning Costs Florida

Tile and shingle roof cleaning costs Florida for all roof cleaning services range between .10 and .20 cents a square foot. Many things factor into the equation on what any roof cleaning company would factor into for pricing your roof cleaning services. (roof pitch, asphalt / shingle, barrel tile, flat tile, height, vegetation, gutters – leaves, other) Pro Clean Services roof cleaning costs range between .14 and .16 cents  a square foot with .15 cents accounts for 80% of all Pro Cleaned Roof Details. We know the numbers, moreso on what they mean! Do not nickle & dime on any roof clean company using a  bleached based solution, you have been dutifully warned! We refuse to engage in anything other than perfection, that requires good technique, and you only get good technique with experience, I promise 🙂 So let’s just dive right into the DIY – For all the “do it yourselfers” out there that wants to clean their own roof. Hey, I did not call it rocket science, but there are a few things you must know, so I took the time to create a page dedicated for anyone that wants information on how to set up a roof cleaning machine for around a $100.00! is only experieance when using chlorine to clean a roof! Moreso on asphalt – shingel than tile, however when you factor in vegitation, you have got to know technique for perfection.  FYI – If you want to save monies on your roof clean by doing it for youself, I created a page on this very website for all you DIYers out there will be providing you all the information that you will ever need so to clean your own roof, and only if you are positive that you want to. So you should have that option, I would want it! So we are here to provide you with all the tools and  proper methods for the soft wash roof cleaning process for your own residential roof cleaning! So by just clicking this link to our own “DIY” Roof Cleaning  Informational page for you to have the necessary tools to clean your own roof. We want to be in your asset column, and well informed in all facets for all your own roof and exterior cleaning service wants/needs. By providing all options so that you have multiple choices when it comes to your own roof cleaning service. We are here for you no matter what. You may call on us anytime to ask any questions that pertains to our “DIY” (do it yourself, Info. page) dedicated for you, for your own roof cleaning! So we are here for you, we care! Call anytime, re (regular biz hours please 😉 TY PCS


WHY CHOOSE US,  Expertise!  All roof cleaning service providers were not created equal! I had a business plan 6 years ago. It only worked because I busted my tail on each & every roof clean detail that I only outperformed on! This practice has never changed for myself or for anyone whom works for me, or indirectly for me. I demand the best from myself, so I have every right to only expect the best in return! And we pay for just that! We mean what we say, we say what we mean, so I only ask for the same from self and any others whom represents Pro Clean Services, so that we know exactly on what our clients would want in return for their hard earned monies! We only use all high end commercial grade roof cleaning equipment and pressure washing equipment that provides for only all professional tile roof cleaning services OR shingle roof cleaning services. In combination with our expertise that provides for all proper technique, than with ton’s of roof cleaning experience to boot. We only continue to yield the best detailed results in this business! We know technique on all roof cleaning methods. We use Cat Pumps & all pro motors that keep this operation running perfectly n-sync to only provide for the best most lasting results in this business, we guarantee just that, it breaks down to customer satisfaction. We set the bar so high for ourselves that we are more than confident in the outperform dept. first, but if for any reason you are not 110% satisfied we most definitely are not either. So we want nothing, the job was on us, NC! That takes care of that. All of our roof cleaning and pressure washing equipment is new, all our pumps are less then one year old. Pro Clean Services does not rebuild pumps, we only buy new! We have a 100% no break down record on every roof clean service we outperformed on! Why choose us, because we outperform everyday”


Our track record goes without saying any further, we are very well established. We do what we say and say what we mean, so if you are not completely satisfied, we will do everything under the Florida sun to make right. Still not 110% satisfied! Please do not pay. So that’s Pro Clean Services personal guarantee to you, we value our customers & we really do care! PCS is extremely excited about our consistent workload with tons of referral work and our consistent on growing client base. In addition, we have added one additional, (All custom Pro Clean Built detailed Roof cleaning & F.H.D trailer this past year. So that enables us one additional team for all residential tile roof cleaning and all Roof cleaning and Exterior Home Cleaning Services, + W//F.H.D.)  *Did we mention that we also bring 750 Gallons of water & chemical mixture with us, so to not just tap into all of your water! We also heat that water! So in combination with the heated portion on your roof cleaning, thus provides for that fresh look & feel, for the most lasting roof cleaning results in this business! We hope you choose Pro Clean Services and only expect the best residential roof cleaning services that we only want to provide for you! If we fail to meet any of your expectations, THE JOB IS ON US! And that’s our personal guarantee to you, our #1 customer“Outperform Everyday” 

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