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“DIY” Do It Yourself Roof Cleaning Services provided only by Pro Clean Services is a page dedicated to all of those folks out there that want to clean their own roof for right around a $100.00 dollars..! OK, Lets get started, for your soft wash roof cleaning process, and do it yourself as well, lets go!

  1. Start by purchasing a 12 volt diaphragm pump, get a pump that delivers  right at 45 PSI. Make sure the pump that you get has a viton O rings and gaskets. Here is one you could use many times, 
  2. Get a plastic garbage can, like a 50 gallon or a 40 gallon garbage can, or any hard plastic container that will hold between 40 60 gallons of water & chemical.
  3. Get 100′ – 200′ feet of 3/8″  braided flex hose, this is going to be your hose to connect to your pump and the PVC wand that you will assemble to run your water & chemical mixture through, and on up to your roof to spray on to the surface of your tile roof or your shingle roof.
  4. – Get a plastic garbage can, a 50 gallon or 40 gallon hard plastic can, go 50% H20 / 50% Chlorine, so 20 gallons of chlorine, and 20 gallons of water, always have an extra 10 – 20 gallons of chlorine to add to mix if 50/50 will not get the algae off the roofs surface. You can always add water if it is too much chem., right! OR , just use the garbage can that the city or county gave you to collect your garbage for pick up! Plus it will be clean when you are done, be sure to clean out first with soap and water 😉
  5.  Pro Clean Services is committed to providing the public with all the proper diy roof cleaning tools, and information to clean their own roof. As none of this is rocket science, however it is hard work with an element of danger, or so to not fall off the roof, or burn up any vegetation in process of the roof cleaning process. As practice really does make for a perfect outcome in the tile roof cleaning process or the shingle roof cleaning process for any do it yourselfers out there committed to cleaning their own roof rather than having it professionally cleaned by a licensed roof cleaning contractor. There is no doubt that you could save monies by the diy roof cleaning option, but please understand that their is an art to everything one does, whether it’s landing an airplane or growing the best tomatoes! So please keep this in mind for you diy roof cleaning services, and please keep on checking back as Pro Clean Services is constantly working hard so to only provide the consumer with the best information on the diy soft wash roof clean option. We are here for you, and that will never change! Pro Clean Services is committed to doing the best possible job for the most reasonable price for all your roof cleaning service options, so whether it’s your diy soft wash roof cleaning option, or your Pro Clean Services professional roof cleaning services option. We only want you to have the option so to have the choice in the first place! I have seen a lot of Youtube Vids, and there will be none that will compete with Pro Clean Services diy roof cleaning page and videos! So please make the decision based solely on those fundamentals that we will soon be providing you with for the diy soft wash roof cleaning process. This way you make an informed decision based solely on those fundamentals set forth on our diy roof cleaning tutorial coming soon, and brought to you only by Pro Clean Services.
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