FAQs – “frequently asked questions”

FAQ’s (frequently asked questions)

by Pro Clean Services

FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions, “FAQ” that we are asked by our current and potential clients. If after reading the most frequently asked questions and they still don’t answer your questions. Please contact Pro Clean Services directly. You will be able to speak with one of our roof cleaning specialist’s to get all your roof cleaning and pressure washing frequently asked questions answered today. We are here for you, and will continue to be for years to come, were not going anywhere! Pro Clean Services continues to outperform everyday by treating our client homes as if they were our own!

Pro Clean Services is your Roof Cleaning and Pressure Washing Service Provider for all Orlando, Lake Mary, Heathrow, Winter Park, Apopka, Tavares, Windermere, Altamonte Springs, Longwood.  and all of Central Florida. WE ARE PRO CLEAN SERVICES, WE OUTPERFORM EVERYDAY!

Tile and Shingle Roof Cleaning Costs Florida

Tile and shingle roof cleaning costs in Florida range between .12 and .25 cents per square foot. Please factor the answered questions on our FAQ’S page into the equation on what any legit roof cleaning company would factor into for pricing on your roof cleaning services. (roof pitch, asphalt / shingle, barrel tile, flat tile, height, vegetation, gutters – leaves, other, etc..) These questions are mostly what was already factored into the equation for a roof clean quote, however there are also other factors that Pro Clean Services will use to determine roof cleaning costs. Tile and shingle roof cleaning costs Florida range between .12 and .20 cents  a square foot with .14 and .15 cents being on average and accounting for most all Pro Clean Services roof cleaning costs. Do not nickel & dime on any roof clean company using a bleached based solution OR using the soft wash roof cleaning process. You have been dutifully warned. Perfection requires experience for all roof cleaning methods and technique for the perfect outcome. We outperform everyday!

How long will the roof cleaning services last?

How long will the roof cleaning services last? There are many variables that come to play when it comes to roof clean longevity, or most lasting roof cleaning services. Preventing algae, moss or lichen growth. Such factors are sunlight, the pitch of your roof, the color and manufacture of your roof tiles, or your roof’s asphalt – shingles. Also the proximity of your neighbors roof. Whether their roofs are already affected. Trees and water ponds. Retention or Detention water reserves are a magnet for spurting growths all airborne just waiting in prey to pounce onto your roof and start the process of building their masses of algae onto your homes roof surface and any other surfaces! Look at your PVC lines running into your home as well. The big three is algae, moss and Lichen. Anywhere they are invited they will appear, especially in your hot and humid climates such as Florida! All these factors are taken into consideration as to how long your tile roof cleaning or your shingle roof cleaning services will last. Pro Clean Services roof cleaning service detail’s will last between four to six years with 5 years being on average. No company could guarantee any length of time with so many factors! *(read the fine print)! Be careful when selecting a roof cleaning provider on any roof cleaning guarantees for anything over four years, must read the fine print! We outperform everyday. 

Does your roof cleaning company use my water?

Pro Clean Services uses a minimal amount of your water, only because we bring 450 gallons of fresh water and 300  of chemical mixture for a grand total of 750 gallons to each and every job site for our soft wash roof cleaning process. You will find that most all other roof cleaning companies will bring NO water with them at all! So perhaps they just tap into all of your water supply, which in turn costs you more monies! Not much, but a factor none the less. Especially if you are using city water. If you have a well, why than its electricity, otherwise its your county or city water supply company that can add on up for sure. If you do have a pump, normally a 30 – 40 amp switch for a  2-3 horse pump, you should be good, and this will not be something to factor into. 

How much to factor into would depend on the size of your roof and how much algae has to be rid off the roofs surface. I would say that if you are on city or county water it should be something to factor into the equation when choosing a roof cleaning company that performs soft wash roof cleaning services. Especially if we will also be cleaning driveways and walkways using surface cleaners for all concrete cleaning services that Pro Clean Services refers to as Flat-work. Pro Clean Services only continues to outperform in all facets for all your roof cleaning and exterior cleaning services.

Can cleaning my roof save monies on my energy costs?

It is proven that the darker the roofs surface means the more heat your roof absorbs. so the answer is most definitely YES!. When your roof tiles or your roof shingles absorb more heat in the summer months. your air conditioner has to work much harder. Some homes in Florida that have dark roofs from algae, moss, or lichen growth have actually. saved on average between 9 /11% of their electrical bills after they have received roof cleaning services.

Will cleaning my roof damage my tile or asphalt/shingle roof?

When the wrong roof cleaning methods are used such as high pressure, the answer is yes! Inexperienced contractors or homeowners can easily damage their roof tiles or roof shingles when the wrong cleaning methods are used. When high pressure is used on a shingle roof it would most definitely cause damage to the shingles by removing excess amounts of shingle granules called aggregate which could cause your shingles to become weak and break.

Pro Clean Services recommends that you hire a reputable and professional roof cleaning company who uses manufacturer approved cleaning methods so to insure the longevity of your tile or shingle roof. Pro Clean Services is your professional roof cleaning experts that will clean your roof using only proper roof cleaning techniques and methods that will always outperform the rest!

How long does the roof cleaning process take?

It really depends on several different factors, such as the size of your roof, the amount of growth or fungus that is on your tile or shingle roof, your roof pitch, color of your flat tile OR you asphalt – shingle roof. We do not rush our roof cleaning process, we only allocate one roof cleaning service trailer with two men for your roof. One day for all roof cleaning and home detail services. So your exterior home clean detail along with your roof cleaning service detail is considered to be a one day job.

We also offer our (FHD) Full Home Detail Services where we always outperform on! We will exceed all your expectations on each and every job, big or small. Pro Clean Services does not rush our work on any roof cleaning service job so to just get on to the next one.  We simply do not do that! We only outperform everyday, and yes in all facets with no expectations!

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