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Safety comes first and Pro Clean Services believes it is the most important part of running our business, next to satisfying our customers with perfect roof cleaning details.  We consider the importance of safety not only from a company standpoint, but for the health and well being of our clients and our employees. Pro Clean Services takes safety very serious, so you can be rest assured that when we are at your home or business that safety is never compromised.

Roof Cleaning Services provided by Pro Clean Services makes sure that each and every employee has been fully and properly trained, and supervised for a bare minimum of 25 to 35 roof clean details, and residential exterior cleaning projects. In addition, each employee completes a safety checklist which is then checked by the lead technician all prior to any work being performed at your home or business. Safety always comes first at Pro Clean Services! This will never change! PCS/RCS LLC


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Our Company Before & After


Our Company Before & After

Pro Clean Services is your go to company that is locally owned and operated right here in Orlando and servicing all of Orlando, Central Florida, Lake Mary, Florida. We provide professional roof cleaning service details and pressure washing services and always at a fair price Our company slogan is “Outperform Everyday“ and we do just that! Mean what you say and say what you mean with no hidden costs and most definitely with no two prong price quotes! This is our companies promise to you, our client! If you are not satisfied, than neither are we! Pro Clean Services continued commitment to our past, present and future clients. We only get better by learning new tips, treating each other with respect, and outperforming everyday on every tile roof cleaning  service detail that we perform on at your residence. No roof clean service that we provide is ever taken for granted, big or small. It is of my opinion that Pro Clean Services is Orlando’s best roof cleaner that provides only professional Roof Cleaning Services to all of Orlando, Lake Mary, Heathrow, Longwood, Windermere, Winter Park, Maitland, Altamonte Springs, Palm Coast, Tavares, and all Central Florida! We will continue to provide our clients with quality Roof Cleaning Services for the most reasonable price to all of Orlando, Lake Mary, and Central Florida! We know that we can only do this because of you! Once a Pro Clean customer always a Pro Clean Services Customer..! 

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Our Company : My name is Roger Stover, I am a single father of two children and a rescue dog whom needed a forever home. I am also the operations manager of Pro Clean Services. P.C.S is a residential roof cleaning service company based in Lake Mary, Florida. Prior to Pro Clean Services I was a superintendent for a general contractor and was in charge of all daily operations for all subcontractors. Because our mission with timing always being at the forefront and the end game. So to construct commercial class structures such as Wal-Mart supercenters, Best Buy Stores, and Kroger grocery chains being our biggest client to just name a few. While I enjoyed my job as Assistant Superintendent, than onto superintendent, I could tell that my children were no longer happy with the constant traveling from all the moving and fears of having to make new friends all while knowing they would be leaving them behind once again. So the day came where I needed to make a choice, the career path I had chosen, or God’s children. It was an easy decision, I relocated our children for the last time back to our family farm located right here in Central Florida and started Pro Clean Services in 2009 and never looked back. 

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Pro Clean Services provides detailed professional residential soft wash roof cleaning services and pressure washing services in Orlando and all of Central Florida. Our preferred roof cleaning method is our soft wash process in which we use low pressure with the integration of heated water and a chemical mixture.  

Did we mention that we also bring 750 gallons of water with us, so not to just tap into all of yours! We believe that our soft wash roof clean process with the added heated portion clearly yields the best and most lasting results in the roof cleaning business for your tile roof or shingle roof cleaning Services.


The term, re: “Soft Wash” is just window dressing for the 30 -50 PSI that we apply onto the roofs surface by not using high pressure. The truth behind the word “Soft Wash” is hardly soft at all! As we are using chlorine & water – soap mixture and spraying onto the roofs surface, however soft wash plays very little part as being soft, in fact its as harsh as it gets. As chlorine is a very aggressive chemical that if not used properly will damage everything it comes in contact with! That’s exactly why you have to have a true professional with real technique so to apply using only the best of technique, all while watching everything in sight and not in sight, so it does not come in contact with anything other than what you intended for it too! Soft wash = Chlorine!


Honesty takes a close second behind safety, Our Company believes in treating each and every customer with dignity, and only a respectful and trustworthy manner. We take pride in knowing we are doing the same work as our competitors, accept only better, and we are still the most reasonably priced company in the business.  Pro Clean will be the first to tell you that it’s not rocket science, and you could do it yourself with the right equipment and some training.

With that being said, we are not saying it’s the easiest job in the world.  After all, you are standing on top of a roof, wearing an apparatus around your nose and mouth all while working in the  Florida humidity and heat.  However, it is our chosen career and we will continue to “Outperform Everyday” with a smile on our face 🙂


Pro Clean Services offers our clients 100% satisfaction guarantee, that’s how confident we are that you will be more than satisfied with our detailed services.  If you’re not satisfied then neither are we, so the Jobs on us $$$… That’s our #1 guarantee to you, our customer! We only “Outperform Everyday” with no exceptions! Pro Clean Services is your go to company for all your Orlando roof cleaning services, Let us prove to you why we are Central Florida’s “Go to Roof Cleaning Services provider”.


Pro Clean Services is a fully licensed company, In addition, Pro Clean Services is WC compliant and fully equipped to outperform in every facet for the entire home roof and exterior cleaning service process. RCS/PCS LLC

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